Vitalistic Whole Health Care

Dr. KO

Naturopathic Doctor, Licensed Midwife, doula

The Medicine Woman of The Nest, Dr. KO guides healing with a sense of patience, ease, and trust.  She offers an alternative approach to primary care, acute and chronic maladies, and optimizing wellness.  She is particularly gifted with emotionally-focused counseling and bodywork.

As a midwife and doula, Dr. KO brings a tender reverence for the sacred transition of birthing.  With a foundation of evidence-based care, she empowers the mother to trust her own body and intuition.

Dr. KO is currently not accepting new naturopathic clients; but you are welcome to call us at 509-330-5539 to discuss options and be added to a wait list.

Deborah Webster, Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Deborah Webster

Acupuncturist, Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Deborah believes the body cannot thrive if out of balance and seeks to help her patients feel better through natural means such as diet, and movement, and encouraging their natural healing process with acupuncture. Acupuncture is an amazing, gentle tool that can be used to remind the body that the path to healing is inside all of us. She works with pediatric patients, couples who are preparing for parenthood, and those experiencing pain and discomfort in their bodies. Our bodies reflect what is happening within us and by treating the whole self, our best lives can be appropriately reflected.

Samantha Straub, Mental Health Therapist, EMDR

Samantha Straub

Mental health therapist

Samantha is a mental health therapist offering counseling and EMDR. Her sweet and naturally loving nature creates a really supportive counseling space. EMDR is an excellent modality for releasing and reprocessing old trauma, or developing internal resources to prepare for upcoming events.

Samantha is currently not accepting new clients; but you are welcome to call us at 509-330-5539 to discuss options and be added to a wait list.

Megan Hewes

Office Manager, Embodiment instructor

As the Office Manager, Megan values kindness, efficiency, and beauty.  She is our point person for scheduling, billing, and special projects; and she loves connecting with each client who comes to The Nest.

In Embodiment fitness classes, Megan creates a non-judgmental environment that encourages you to respect and understand your own body while challenging its cardiovascular system, strength, and flexibility. Above all, expect exercises that feel good and music that makes you want to move!

Appointment Pricing:

While care with our midwives can be billed to insurance; care with our Whole Health Care team cannot be billed to insurance.  Visits are billed at $30/15-minutes ($120/hour).

Some providers offer 30- or 45-minute visits to help fit your budget and schedule!


Other Offerings:

Embodiment Fitness Class with Megan

Tuesdays & Thursdays 9:30am

at Pullman Parks & Rec Center, room 213

190 SE Crestview St., Bldg B

A mindful movement practice for all abilities, including senior, pregnant and postpartum bodies. Music-led exercises blending yoga, qigong, dance, weightlifting, and calisthenics provide opportunities to inhabit your body as it is right now and balance strength and softness.

Check in at the Parks & Rec front desk – first class free to try it out!  Then $11/class


 Women’s Circle

Thursdays 10:30am

at Pullman Parks & Rec Center, room 213

190 SE Crestview St., Bldg B

The Women’s Circle was created to help support and inspire you on your parenting journey. Surround yourself with a dedicated community of expecting and postpartum mamas sharing their struggles and joys in a safe space. Brittany and Kristine encourage zero judgement, lots of laughter, and deep connection in this weekly offering.



"Lindsay is friendly and truly a miracle worker for the body. She takes the time to see you as a whole person."
"I've never met anyone like KO - I joke with friends that she knows my soul better than I do sometimes. KO has been a constant source of light, love and healing in my life for several years. She's an effective practitioner, her bodywork practices are gentle and healing, and she is absolutely committed to helping women find their own voice and power through their health and wellness choices."
"Samantha is a skilled listener and knew exactly the questions I needed to be asked to transform how I viewed previous difficult experiences. She is kind, warm, and absolutely helped me reinterpret the past and be open to a different future!"
"I'm so grateful to The Nest and their amazing care providers! We pay a modest monthly fee for a variety of care if it's needed. It's an unusual model of health care focused on wellness and prevention and a strong relationship with your special providers. Unlike most clinics, we know exactly who we're going to be seeing when we go in."
"Lindsay is simply amazing. She provided muscle/ligament relief I had been struggling with all pregnancy. I only wish I had started seeing her earlier! The Nest is a great place for overall health and wellness, not just pregnancy!
"Dr. KO is a peaceful presence. Always there to listen and meet you with love exactly where you are at."
"You'll meet Lindsay and feel like you've known her forever - she had a way of making me feel comfortable instantly, and that opened me to ask all of the questions I had. Her bodywork was gentle and immediately effective."
"My kiddos instantly adored KO; after 15 minutes playing with the toys in her office my normally suspicious 5 year old asked KO to help her dress her dolly. And I hope to remember that sweet moment of connection between the two of them as the beginning of a beautiful friendship, one that continues until my girls go off to college."