Welcome to The Nest!

Our mission is to create a sacred space for women, men, children and babies. We strive to provide a safe place for all people to come as they are – to feel nurtured and connected. The Nest is an haven for the community members to transform one’s spirit, body and mind. We guide women through their journey to motherhood and create a place women can birth while surrounded by love. 

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Current services offered at The Nest Birth & Wellness

  • Midwifery Care

    Midwives view pregnancy and birth as a normal, natural process, not a medical condition. This model of care has been proven to reduce birth injury, trauma and cesarean section rates, leading to healthier outcomes. Read More...

  • Naturopathic Care

    Naturopathy is an alternative philosophy of medicine which focuses on treating the whole person, family, and community; utilizing routine, preventative care; and identifying and treating the cause of any obstacles to health through lowest-force interventions. Read More...

  • Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine

    Chinese medicine is a complete system that can address most physical & emotional concerns, including difficult to treat pain, unexplained infertility, complications of pregnancy, painful menstrual cycles and even the common cold! Read More...

  • Wellness classes and events

    Taught by our practitioners and local experts. Our goal is to encourage a regular dose of education and celebration! Read More...

Locations, Hours & Contact

  • 509-330-5539

  • Pullman Location

    425 South Grand Avenue

    Pullman, WA 99163

  • Lewiston Location

    523 1/2 Main Street #207

    Lewiston, ID 83501

  • Hours

    By appointment only.

  • Send us a message

    hello@nestbirthandwellness.com or text our office line!