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Professional Placenta Encapsulation

The human placenta connects the developing baby to the pregnant parent. It supports the baby with all of its nutrition and oxygen, and additionally eliminates the baby’s waste and carbon dioxide.

Placenta encapsulation is a modern method where the placenta is cleaned, dehydrated, ground, and placed in capsules for consumption* by the mother postpartum. Placenta can also be consumed in tincture form by request. 

The theory behind consuming the placenta is that the mother’s body can more easily assimilate the hormones, minerals, and nutrients within the organ to quickly, safely, and naturally reach hormonal balance after child birth. It is iron and nutrient dense and many report quicker healing, less postpartum bleeding, and increased energy.**

At the Nest Birth & Wellness, placentas are prepared by Laura Rose Gage, MAcOM, Dipl. OM (NCCAOM), EAMP, LAc, a health care practitioner that specializes in pregnancy, labor & delivery and post partum care. Her training as an acupuncturist includes Blood Born Pathogens certification. She was trained in placenta encapsulation and tincturing with a local Certified Professional Midwife and a certified Doula. 

We serve

Moscow, Idaho – Pullman, Washington

Lewiston, Idaho – Clarkston, Washington

the surrounding area up to 50 miles.

*Placenta consumption is not approved by the FDA, consumption is at your own risk. 

**All claims are personal experience of my clients and myself and are anecdotal. 

Check out our handout (.pdf) for details like cost, delivery and answers to most other questions.

Placenta Encapsulation handout

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