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Holistic Doula Services

As your doula we work directly for you. This means that we will advocate for you in all regards if needed at a home, hospital or birth center birth. As your advocate, we seek to promote communication among all members of your birthing team – however our primary job is to listen to you deeply and to hold and reiterate your intention through your birth process. And even though births do not always go as planned, we aim to continue to hold the container we have set no matter how things need to change for you and your baby to have a safe and healthy delivery.

In addition to being a maternal service provider, The Nest Doulas have extensive collective additional training as holistic healthcare providers which can serve to support your body, mind and spirit (as well as your partner’s!) to welcome this little being with ease, safety and comfort.  These specialities include manual therapy, emotional counseling, massage, acupressure, acupuncture and Chinese medicine, fetal positioning techniques, nutrition, herbal, and supplement guidance, lactation consultation, nurse, midwife, or naturopath scope of practice.  Read more about each of The Nest Doulas or schedule a free consultation to connect and determine with whom you best align.

Jess Mallery, doula and student midwife

Jess Mallery

Student Midwife, Birth Assistant

Jess brings a steadying and supportive presence to births at home and the birth center. As the student midwife at The Nest, she attends office visits and births as an important part of earning her degree from the Midwives College of Utah. Her contributions to maternity care and delivery reflect her deep honor for the experiences of pregnancy, birth, and womanhood.

Jessica Smith, Doula and Lactation Consultant

Jessica Smith

Lactation Consultant, Nurse

As your lactation specialist my goal is to compassionately support you through your parenthood experience.  I apply a holistic approach to my practice, combining ancient wisdom with evidenced based science to give you a full range of information. My goal is to create a safe space for you to feel connected, honored, and supported in the decisions that give you peace and joy. This is a very challenging, vulnerable, and intimate time in life and having someone to guide you through your journey can be immeasurable. I feel humbled and honored to work beside parents in this transformational time.

The Nest Holistic Doula Services are billed at a flat rate of $900. This includes one prenatal visit for supportive guidance through your birth plan and labor preparation. Your doula will be on call for 5 weeks around your due date and will have the team of Nest Doulas as backup if schedule conflicts arise. A non-refundable retainer of $200 is due at the time of signing up in order to hold your place. The remaining $700 is due by 36 weeks.

Any additional visits not included in the flat rate are welcome and can be arranged with your doula based on her unique specialities and what she recommends for your unique needs.

Additional visits will be billed as follows:

Home Visits


Office Visits

A membership with The Nest Wellness Branch is $20/month per person or $55/month for the whole family with a 6 month minimum commitment. In addition to discounted visits it includes 2 wellness visits per year per person (or all WellChild visits). (For women, wellness visits can be with our naturopath Dr. KO or our CNM Tina.) 

"Lindsay is friendly and truly a miracle worker for the body. She takes the time to see you as a whole person."
"I've never met anyone like KO - I joke with friends that she knows my soul better than I do sometimes. KO has been a constant source of light, love and healing in my life for several years. She's an effective practitioner, her bodywork practices are gentle and healing, and she is absolutely committed to helping women find their own voice and power through their health and wellness choices."
"Samantha is a skilled listener and knew exactly the questions I needed to be asked to transform how I viewed previous difficult experiences. She is kind, warm, and absolutely helped me reinterpret the past and be open to a different future!"
"I'm so grateful to The Nest and their amazing care providers! We pay a modest monthly fee for a variety of care if it's needed. It's an unusual model of health care focused on wellness and prevention and a strong relationship with your special providers. Unlike most clinics, we know exactly who we're going to be seeing when we go in."
"Lindsay is simply amazing. She provided muscle/ligament relief I had been struggling with all pregnancy. I only wish I had started seeing her earlier! The Nest is a great place for overall health and wellness, not just pregnancy!
"Dr. KO is a peaceful presence. Always there to listen and meet you with love exactly where you are at."
"You'll meet Lindsay and feel like you've known her forever - she had a way of making me feel comfortable instantly, and that opened me to ask all of the questions I had. Her bodywork was gentle and immediately effective."
"My kiddos instantly adored KO; after 15 minutes playing with the toys in her office my normally suspicious 5 year old asked KO to help her dress her dolly. And I hope to remember that sweet moment of connection between the two of them as the beginning of a beautiful friendship, one that continues until my girls go off to college."
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Jess Mallery, doula and student midwife

Jess Mallery

Student Midwife, DONA Birth Doula

When I was 11 years old, I attended the birth of my little sister. This experience laid the foundation for a lifelong fascination with all things pertaining to childbearing and women’s health. I received excellent midwifery care during my own pregnancies, which inspired me to become a midwife myself. I am currently in midwifery school and have been honored to learn from several local midwives, including the amazing midwives at The Nest. I’ve attended nearly 100 births and am grateful for each of these experiences.

I also work independently as a doula (find me at  My goal is to provide support that is suited to the needs of each woman and her family. Creating such support requires time, attentiveness, and honor for the unique needs of each client. Because of this, I place high value on prenatal visits in which we get to know each other, explore individual goals, preferences, concerns, and questions. I do my utmost to ensure my clients have access to evidence-based information, are honored in their decisions, and feel prepared to welcome their baby. I support labor and delivery through in-person emotional and physical care. And in the early postpartum days, I remain available to offer a listening ear, gentle advice if it is desired, and connection to additional community resources. It is my joy and privilege to support this sacred and ordinary process.

When I’m not busy with birth work, I enjoy cooking, making things with yarn and fabric, and exploring with my family. My husband and I live in Latah County, Idaho, and have five children.

Jessica Smith, Doula and Lactation Consultant

Jessica Smith

Nurse, Lactation Consultant

Hi there, I’m Jessica Smith. I offer lactation consultation at The Nest for the greater Palouse community, whether you are a Nest midwifery patient or not.  I’m a nurse, IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant), Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula (find me at, and Certified Breastfeeding Educator. I’m also a rural, homeschool momma of four littles living on our regenerative farm with ALL the animals in Palouse, WA.

My interest in wellness, birth, babies and maternal health started from a young age. During high school and college I taught swim lessons and worked at a long term care facility as well as a special needs home. Upon graduation I worked as a school nurse, pediatric home-care nurse, and a minor-care/ready-care nurse. But, soon my passion for the healthcare, or rather dis-ease care system began to wane. I was constantly trying to get my patients outdoors to experience the world and nature around them. I wanted to help them live healthy, balanced lifestyles. My passion for getting back to nature and our roots continues throughout my own life and blends into my work. This is why I take a “holistic” approach.

When my own journey with motherhood began, I was awakened to the fact that in our culture there is a disconnect between birth and postpartum. Like many, I prepared for the birth but never really gave much thought to postpartum. While planning for birth is important, planning for the postpartum period is even more important. I found myself struggling with lack of resources and unable to ask for help. I struggled with breastfeeding, low supply, and ended up supplementing. Through help of doctors and lactation consultants we ended up saving my breastfeeding experience for two years and then was able to successfully tandem nurse when baby #2 arrived! I experienced birth trauma and postpartum anxiety & depression. I struggled to find balance and healing again after each baby. I came across Julia Jones Newborn Mother’s Collective, Ayurveda Postpartum care and found the missing link in my postpartum experience. Through the wisdom of ancient traditions and scientific role of Oxytocin, I learned what we have missed in our culture. While there’s much from ancient traditions and culture, we can’t apply to our modern lifestyle there are two culturally universal things we can do, help and support the new mother and offer nutrient dense, warm prepared meals.

Through my pediatric nursing experience, I cared for many previous NICU babies with unique challenges, in which I saw a vast difference in the ones who were fed breastmilk. This led me to dive deeper into the lactation world and fueled my love for working with families through difficult times. I furthered my education and became certified as a breastfeeding educator and birth doula.  Birth work has caused me to look deeper at my own healing so I can show up for clients with positive energy. As your lactation consultant my goal is to support you through your experience. I love working and troubleshooting through challenges with clients to apply what feels right for you and your needs. I want to guide you where necessary with an open mind well as empower you and promote healthy lifestyle.

The best to you, Jessica

Special Trainings:

  • Midwife Assistant Training | 2009
  • Lewis-Clark State College, Nursing Graduate | 2011
  • Postpartum Doula Training, Newborn Mother’s Collective | 2015
  • Certified Birth Doula | 2015
  • Certified Lactation Educator, Evergreen Perinatal Education | 2016
  • Intuitive Birth for Birth-Workers | 2019
  • Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Workshop, Perinatal Support Washington | 2020
  • University of San Diego Extension, Lactation Consultant Didactic and Internship | 2021
  • Steamy Chick, Peri-Steam Facilitator | 2021
  • Tongue Tie, A Comprehensive Approach to Assessment and Care, Melissa Cole, MS, IBCLC | 2022
  • International Board Certified Lactation Consultant | 2022