The Nest Birth & Wellness is a sisterhood of powerful women, working together in collaboration to practice good medicine – uniting traditional healing and evidence based practices to create an exceptional system of healthcare, rooted in love. 
We honor each individual’s unique path to that destination, and walk with you in partnership through all the sacred and transformational experiences of your life, womb to tomb. Whether it is guiding you through the journey to motherhood, surrounding you with love as you give birth, celebrating with you your first cycle, holding you as you grieve a loss, or sitting with you as you learn to navigate the trials of daily life – we are here with you. You are not alone. 
We understand that true healing takes place at the intersection of body, mind and spirit.
It is our intention to create a sacred space for you to come as you are:
to feel safe and connected, informed and empowered for your own healing;
to create a life of deep meaning, freedom from fear, and profound peace;
above all, to discover the joy in understanding, acceptance, and unconditional love for yourself.

The Nest midwives offer complete prenatal, labor & delivery, postpartum and newborn care, with the option for birth center or home birth. We also offer well woman, gynecological and reproductive health care services with our certified nurse midwife.

We believe that pregnancy and birth are normal life processes, to be treated with honor and respect.

The Nest wellness branch is a multi-disciplinary team of providers, working collaboratively to care for your mental, physical and spiritual health. 

We practice from a vitalist philosophy of medicine, following the wisdom and innate healing ability of your being to uncover the root of any suffering, illness, or disease, and transform it with love – bringing you back to your true, whole self.  

The Compendium is an ever-growing  resource repository for living a natural, intentional life.  

We share with you our collective wisdom, knowledge, and experience, from the very practical to the sublime: recipes; herbalism; holistic first aid; traditional  matriarchal practices of healing and ritual; sacred pregnancy, childbearing & parenting stories and skills; and everything in between.

Curated Supplements

Curated Supplements

Our providers have done the research to select high quality supplements and herbs so you know you’re getting effective therapeutic supplements.

Our inventory includes bundles – preconception and prenatal package, liver package, immunity package, postpartum anxiety/depression package – as well as individual products for digestion, pediatrics, and more!

Purchase with your provider at your next visit or contact us for office hours.

ViviAnne Fischer

Licensed Midwife

ViviAnne brings the deep wisdom of experience to her care for women through prenatal, labor & delivery, and postpartum care.  She integrates the art of traditional midwifery and current knowledge.  ViviAnne enjoys the relationships she develops with families and often creates lasting friendships.  Women appreciate her compassionate, calm and patient nature.

Tina Gearhart

Certified Nurse Midwife, Lactation Consultant

As a certified nurse midwife, CNM, Tina is able to provide women’s health midwifery care from adolescence through menopause! She can provide care for well woman exams, labs, family planning, and gynecological concerns.  Tina’s straightforward and deeply caring manner really helps women feel informed and empowered in their healthcare. Another lovely benefit of seeing a midwife for care is that it can either be billed through the membership or insurance!

Dr. KO

Naturopathic Doctor, Licensed Midwife

The Medicine Woman of The Nest, Dr. KO guides healing with a sense of patience, ease, and trust.  She offers an alternative approach to primary care, acute and chronic maladies, and optimizing wellness.  She is particularly gifted with emotionally-focused counseling and bodywork.

As a midwife, Dr. KO brings a tender reverence for the sacred transition of birthing.  With a foundation of evidence-based care, she empowers the mother to trust her own body and intuition.

Dr. KO is currently not accepting new naturopathic clients; but you are welcome to call us at 509-330-5539 to discuss options and be added to a wait list.

Lindsay Larkins

Manual Therapist, Doula

Lindsay has extensive training in many different forms of bodywork; her anatomical knowledge and skill are amazing! She can help with many different physical complaints, from old injury, to musculoskeletal alignment, myofascial release, and pelvic alignment during pregnancy.

Lindsay’s doula services can include prenatal visits, labor prep bodywork, in-labor support, post-delivery care, and postpartum support visits. Her mission as your doula is to to listen to you deeply and to hold and reiterate your intention through your birth process. 

Samantha Straub, Mental Health Therapist, EMDR

Samantha Straub

Mental health therapist

Samantha is a mental health therapist offering counseling and EMDR. Her sweet and naturally loving nature creates a really supportive counseling space. EMDR is an excellent modality for releasing and reprocessing old trauma, or developing internal resources to prepare for upcoming events.

Megan Hewes

Office Manager, Embodiment instructor

As the Office Manager, Megan values kindness, efficiency, and beauty.  She is our point person for scheduling, billing, and special projects; and she loves connecting with each client who comes to The Nest.

In Embodiment fitness classes, Megan creates a non-judgmental environment that encourages you to respect and understand your own body while challenging its cardiovascular system, strength, and flexibility. Above all, expect exercises that feel good and music that makes you want to move!

Pullman, WA

425 S. Grand Ave
Pullman, WA 99163

Between the Coldwell Banker building and Old European Restaurant. Please parallel park on the south side of the building.

Lewiston, ID

523 1/2 Main St. #207
Lewiston, ID 83501

Next to and above Redingers Photography.
Midwifery only at this location – consults, prenatal, and postpartum visits.

"My experience at the The Nest was phenomenal. ViviAnne is one of the sweetest and most caring people. She treated me like family and helped me through my pregnancy, birth and postpartum. I'm thankful I get to look back on how special my birth was with my daughter. ViviAnne truly cares for her patients; and goes the extra mile for them."
I've never met anyone like KO - I joke with friends that she knows my soul better than I do sometimes. KO has been a constant source of light, love and healing in my life for several years. She's an effective practitioner, her bodywork practices are gentle and healing, and she is absolutely committed to helping women find their own voice and power through their health and wellness choices."
"I appreciated the fact that it was a small business very dedicated to the health and comfort of the people who visited. I felt at home, and like my health was in hands that genuinely cared."
"Dr. KO is a peaceful presence. Always there to listen and meet you with love exactly where you are at."
"I love The Nest! ViviAnne, Dr. KO, and Megan are all such amazing, sweet, gentle, and kind ladies! My prenatal/postpartum care, birth, and craniosacral appointments for both me and my baby were all wonderful. I felt loved, cared for, and listened to at every single appointment. I especially appreciate that these alternative ways of care are all available at the same place! I definitely plan on coming back if and when baby #2 comes along!"