What we offer…

    We are happy to offer you a full scope of naturopathic pediatric care! Dr. KO is trained as both a naturopathic physician and a midwife; this unique combination makes her the perfect choice to care for your child from the newborn period through adulthood.  

    Schedule an appointment to come and see us for:

    • Well-child visits
    • Primary care
    • Vaccines, vaccine guidance, and exemptions
    • Adolescent care
    • Sports physicals
    • Urgent care
    • 24/7 access to your provider

    Shared decision making…

    Dr. KO firmly believes that parents should be invested and intimately involved in making health decisions for their families. She practices a shared decision making model – this means that she will take as much time as needed to educate and inform parents of all they need to know to feel confident in their choices.

    Kind, competent care for all ages…

    We believe that all people, at every age, should receive love and respect from their healthcare provider.

    We take the time to really get to know and listen to your child.

    Dr. KO examining a relaxed and happy baby!

    • For newborns, infants, and young children, this may be the first time that a doctor is genuinely interested in their thoughts and opinions about their bodies and their health! Our goal is to establish from a birth a foundation of engagement in health.
    • As your child moves into adolescence – and all of the big physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual changes that brings – we find that the relationship we have built based on mutual respect, kindness, and trust allows us to create a greater investment in health for teens.
    • Finally, as a child transitions into adulthood, it is our goal to support for each person a full ownership of their health!

    We hope that you and your child will look forward to coming to the doctor!