Naturopathic Fees

    Welcome to a revolution in health care: Direct Primary Care!

    Direct primary care is a new model of health care that we and many doctors are choosing to keep fees low, and provide individualized, personal, un-rushed care. In this model, you pay an affordable monthly fee directly to us to enroll in one of the Whole Health Care Plans we offer. As an enrolled member, we provide the majority (typically around 90%!) of your primary health care needs.

    When you pay your doctor a monthly fee directly, all of the increased health care costs that come with using insurance for your primary care go away.  Your doctor works directly for you and not an insurance company, making the focus 100% on your health and providing excellent care.​​ You can schedule same or next day appointments, for as long as you need. You experience personalized care and have a doctor on your team that is always available, whether you simply need to call with a question, improve a chronic health condition, or address a more urgent health issue.​​

    All of our Basic Primary Care Plans include:

    • Ongoing primary care
    • Unrestricted visits per year
    • Extended visits
    • Same day care
    • Access to on-call physician
    • Unlimited consultation by phone, or email
    • Preventative care/wellness exams
    • Well child examinations​
    • Medical management; providing a “medical home”
    • In-Office Laboratory Studies
    • In-Office Procedures
    • Minor surgical procedures
    • Vaccinations
    • Supplement and Medication Management
    • Full access to Fullscript online medicinary for supplements and botanical medicines
    • All supplements offered at 5% discount

    Additional Services

    You can also upgrade to a premium plan in addition to your primary care plan. This gives you the greatest value. It is designed to save members hundreds of additional dollars in healthcare costs each year, and give many more naturopathic treatment options in the nature cure lineage. (Ask Dr. KO about this type of care!Enrollment can be added to any basic primary care plan and includes: 

    • Unlimited access to home visit appointments by request
    • All supplements offered at 20% discount. 
    • Hydrotherapy
    • Massage therapy
    • Craniosacral therapy
    • Visceral manipulation therapy
    • Myofascial release
    • Muscle energy stretching
    • Joint adjustment and manipulation

    Please contact us for more information or any questions you have.