Midwifery Fees

    Midwifery care in the out-of-hospital setting is generally about a fourth to an eighth of the cost of a hospital birth with a physician.  Many families appreciate the savings they experience.  We strive to keep our costs low so families have less financial stress. 

    • We accept Idaho and Washington Medicaid/Apple Health/DSHS
    • We accept insurance and are preferred providers with many insurance companies in our area.  We have had good success requesting exceptions with insurance companies we are not contracted with as well, even when they state they do not cover midwives or home birth.   
    • For families preferring to pay with cash, we offer a discount if it is paid in full by 36 weeks.  We recognize each family has a unique financial situation and prefer to assess out-of-pocket fees individually.  Please contact us and we can discuss fees and insurance coverage.

    If you are exploring midwifery services at The Nest Birth & Wellness and want to talk with our insurance biller about your specific coverage,  you can call Ingrid at Island Billing: 360-632-4435