Midwifery Care

Midwifery Model of Care

Midwives view pregnancy and birth as a normal, natural process, not a medical condition. The Midwives Model of Care was created with this idea in mind. The Midwives Model of care involves:

  • Monitoring the physical, psychological, and social well-being of the mother throughout the childbearing cycle
  • Providing the mother with individualized education, counseling, and prenatal care, continuous hands-on assistance during labor and delivery, and postpartum support
  • Minimizing technological interventions, and
  • Identifying and referring women who require obstetrical attention
  • Mothers with higher risk pregnancies should be referred to appropriate providers

This model of care has been proven to reduce birth injury, trauma and cesarean section rates, leading to healthier outcomes. In fact, the countries around the world that employ the Midwives Model of Care are those with the best outcomes for mothers and babies, including The Netherlands, United Kingdom and Canada.  Licensed midwives in both Idaho and Washington have guidelines and laws we follow to help determine when women need to be referred to a physician during pregnancy or when transfer of care to a hospital during birth is indicated.

Midwives in Idaho follow the scope of practice and laws outlined by the Idaho Board of Midwifery.  You can view them here.

Midwives in Washington follow guidelines created by the Midwives Association of Washington State and follow rules about drugs and devices we carry from the Department of Health.  You can view the indications for discussion, consultation and transfer of care here.

What Our Care Looks Like…

Complementary Consultation

We offer a complementary 1 hour consultation in your home or in our office.  This is an opportunity for us to learn more about one another.  Often we want to hear about your previous pregnancy and birth history, any risk factors you may have so we can assess if midwifery care is appropriate for you, the distance between your home and the hospital and any questions you may have.  We will share information about ourselves and midwifery care, as well as the fee agreement with you.

Prenatal Care

We offer the same prenatal care schedule and testing/monitoring (genetic screening, OB panel labs, gestational diabetes screening, ultrasound, Rhogam, etc.) as other obstetrical or pediatric providers, along with much more!  Of course, any screening or test is made by informed choice and is ultimately your decision.  The first prenatal appointment typically occurs between 8-12 weeks in pregnancy or when a client transfers care (currently we are accepting late transfers to care).  Prenatal appointments occur in the comfort of your home or in our office.  We allow up to an hour for each prenatal appointment, however, you can let us know if you prefer shorter appointments and we will happily accommodate your request.  Prenatal appointments offer a time to assess the well-being of the mother and baby, but also a time for education, consultation, guidance, and support.  Your midwife is available 24/7 for client questions and concerns throughout your care.

Labor and Birth

During your pregnancy, we will discuss what is important to you and your partner during the birth.  We will also discuss the birth environment you can create to support normal physiological birth.  Prior to your homebirth, you will gather a simple list of supplies to have ready.  If you choose to have a birth tub available for water birth, we will discuss what you will need.  Your midwife will bring her birth bag- equipped with herbs, homeopathic remedies, essential oils, oxygen for mother and baby, antibiotics for treatment of GBS, medications to control hemorrhage, a non-pneumatic anti-shock garment, neonatal resuscitation equipment, sterile gloves and instruments, IV fluids, items to draw labs, sutures if needed, etc.  We bring a second attendant to every birth, the second attendant may be another licensed midwife or a trained midwife assistant.  Midwives and assistants are certified in neonatal resuscitation program and CPR.  We encourage women to labor and deliver in whatever position or place that is comfortable.   The birth team will monitor the mother and baby intermittently or as needed and offer support and guidance.  After the birth, we stay until the mother and baby are stable, successful breastfeeding has commenced, and the mother and newborn exams have happened and medications accepted (such as newborn vitamin K, erythromycin, etc.) are administered. 


We will provide midwifery care for you and your newborn during the immediate postpartum period. We come to your home for a 24 hour, 72 hour, and 7 day, 2 week and 6 week appointment. You and your newborn will receive care that is above and beyond during the postpartum period.  We offer standard newborn metabolic screening, pulseoximetry screening for congenital heart disease, newborn hearing screening, etc.  We continue to monitor the mother and newborn vitals and assess complications that may arise.  We are available for lactation and emotional support as well.  ​After 6 weeks postpartum, you have the option of continuing both your pediatric and well woman care with us! This way we are already familiar with the health of you, your baby, and your family.