You are not alone on your path to health

I am here to help and support your journey. Throughout life your body, mind and spirit will go through many challenges. It can be so hard to not feel right in your own body, to feel unprepared or overwhelmed by the big changes that come with starting or growing a family. I am here to help smooth the way, to help you find your balance and a deeper connection to your wants and needs. I was called to Chinese medicine because I experienced years of chronic digestive, menstrual and emotional pain that stumped conventional doctors and left me feeling hopeless, tired and alone. In my early 20’s I started throwing up every morning…I spent the next few years reassuring doctors I was not pregnant and going on many different medications that did little to change my health. Eventually one of my providers recommended the local Naturopathic college. Within one week of starting the strictest diet I had ever been on (it was the Paleo diet but before Paleo was a thing), I felt great. I felt alive. I didn’t throw up. With my mind at its clearest in months I began to explore natural medicine voraciously. Eliminating allergens from my diet improved my health tremendously but did not bring me complete relief. Through herbs and acupuncture I found that extra step I needed. Chinese medicine was able to balance my emotional and physical body in a way I could not achieve through Naturopathic care or self care. I have experienced the benefits of acupuncture and Chinese medicine before, during and beyond my pregnancy. My menstrual cycle was regulated and pain free when I conceived our daughter. I would not have survived working full time and a very very long period of morning sickness without herbs and weekly acupuncture. Emotionally I felt my acupuncturist was an essential part of my team. When I felt like a raw nerve, overwhelmed and angry, acupuncture helped me reconnect with myself and the kind of mother I wanted to be. Most importantly, when the unexpected happened and I developed post-partum anxiety after giving birth to my daughter in November 2014, Chinese medicine helped me recover and claim my role as a mother with clarity, strength and joy. While trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine, I have taken a special interest in the Classical, Five Element and Japanese traditions. I feel using this eclectic approach best addresses the often complex needs of my patients. These traditions tend to use fewer needles, gentler needle techniques and use moxibustion with greater frequency than Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Herbs are also an essential part of my practice. I use Chinese and Western herbs for a wide variety of conditions and believe they can serve as a powerful catalyst for healing outside the treatment room. I provide only the highest quality products for my patients that will be the most effective for them but also sustainably grown and harvested. I practice according to the individual needs and preferences of my patients. I am here to deeply listen to your story and be your partner as you strive toward your goals. I look forward to meeting you and hope to hear from you soon! Click here to schedule a complimentary session or schedule an initial visit.

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