This space is for you.

Sometimes we feel at the mercy of the many cycles in our lives. Often we feel barely balanced or present and need help to nurture a deeper sense of connection to ourselves, restore balance and transform our health.

Modern life can create a disconnect and cause an imbalance in our emotional and physical bodies. 

We believe that the foundation of a healthy body, mind and spirit starts with sacred space. 

We strive to provide a safe place for all people to come as they are – to feel nurtured and connected.

The Nest is an haven for the community members to transform one’s spirit, body and mind.

We guide women through their journey to motherhood and create a place women can birth while surrounded by love. 

The birth of a family isn’t over with the labor and delivery of a child. Men, women and children go through many transitions individually and as a family. We continue to be here for you and your family, no matter the phase of life you are in. 

Why seek healthcare at The Nest?

One location. Many types of care.

Our goal is to provide care for all phases of life from little babies, to pregnant mamas, new papas and beyond. Under one roof you’ll find a variety of natural and holistic healthcare.

Heart centered collaborative health care

We’re not just individual providers renting rooms in one house. We’re a sisterhood of healers that love working together.

We know that the heart and the spirit are intimately linked to the physical body. Healing must come from the heart of the patient and practitioner.

Many treatment options tailored to your unique needs

We are ready to meet you where you are at. We believe in empowering individuals to take part in their health, and the health of their children, family, and community through education and shared decision making.

We believe in respect and clear communication. Tell us your needs and we’ll tell you ours. This is a mutual healing relationship.

Community oriented atmosphere & care

Transformation isn’t possible in a vacuum. It isn’t fully achievable through self help. It is a community ideal and practice. We are here to connect & help each other along our individual healing paths.  

We also serve as a community resource, offering education, classes, health promoting activities, social support and gathering in a loving environment.



Licensed Midwife

I am passionate about guiding women and their partners through this journey and creating an environment that  along with evidence-based care supports normal physiological birth.  

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Education & Training


Dr. KO

Naturopathic Physcian

I truly believe that giving birth is one of the most important events that will occur in the life of a woman; I cannot adequately express how excited, honored and grateful I am to have the opportunity to partner with women in this experience.

The foundation of my life, belief, and medical practice is this:
All illness would be eradicated if we could all remember the one essential truth-
Everything is love.

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Education & Training



Licensed Acupuncturist

I am here to help and support your journey. Throughout life your body, mind and spirit will go through many challenges. It can be so hard to not feel right in your own body, to feel unprepared or overwhelmed by the big changes that come with starting or growing a family. I am here to help smooth the way, to help you find your balance and a deeper connection to your wants and needs.

I practice according to the individual needs and preferences of my patients. I am here to deeply listen to your story and be your partner as you strive toward your goals.

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