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Holistic fertility support

Chinese medicine may be the different perspective needed to help you toward motherhood. It stabilizes your cycle, boosts energy reserves and encourages healthy and vital blood flow to the reproductive organs.

Experience total recovery from your birth

In the preparation for childbirth we sometimes lose sight of what happens afterward. Most women experience fatigue, stress and other health problems for months or even years.

It’s a woman thing…

Do you think hormones rule your life? Whether it’s painful periods, hot flashes, low libido, depression or anxiety Chinese medicine can provide ways for you to find relief naturally. When balanced our hormones are a powerful tool.

Lasting pain relief

There is a solution for your back pain, knee pain or neck pain. Acupuncture can treat a wide range of painful conditions from headaches, chronic injuries, recent injuries to even unexplained pain

Complication free pregnancy

It can be so frustrating to have only a few ways to cope with illness and the negative symptoms during pregnancy. Acupuncture can safely treat issues that come up during pregnancy; from morning sickness to pain while in labor.